Question(s) for Ziatype practitioners

From: Loris Medici ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/26/04-02:56:19 PM Z
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I just received a small amnt. of Lithium
Chloropalladite in order to try making Ziatypes.

1. What should be the percentage of Ammonium Ferric
Oxalate solution? (I have it in dry form - puchased to
make New Cyanotype sensitizer originally but then I
was delighted to learn it's also a nice POP sensitizer
for Platinum/Palladium; I mean Ziatype or Ware/Malde

2. I want to make split toned prints like Weese (I
like the his orchid image + second Ziatype gallery in
B&S site very much!). I have the book by James,
reading the Ziatype article I noticed that gold
addition makes a cool and high contrast print, sodium
tungstate addition makes a warm and low contrast
print. So my question is: if I mix a solution
consisting 12 drops of ammonium ferric oxalate, 6
drops of lithium chloropalladite, 4 drops of gold
chloride and finally 2 drops of sodium tungstate. Do
you think this will yield a split toned print like
prints by Weese? Do you think that the addition of
sodium tungstate will balance the high contrast of
gold? What are your workflows to achive that kind of

3. Not exactly Ziatype related but what is the exact
effect of treating paper in 1% oxalic acid? I have
very limited paper choices so I may have to take some
measures to prevent problems with paper. In Ziatype,
what are the most significant problems with paper?

P.S. 1: I know trying is the best way to learn but as
I have very little solution I want to learn more/be
informed as much as possible more before making the
first tests.

P.S. 2: BTW, I will use the KAuCl2 variant, not AuCl3
- I guess it will not make much difference because I
have successfully used KAuCl for toning Vandykes. What
do you think?

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