RE: Question(s) for Ziatype practitioners

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Date: 07/29/04-01:43:36 AM Z
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Hi all,

Loris, you look very interested by split tone. In my experience it was
easier and more reliable to do them with Satista. I easily obtain
brown/neutral or brown/cold or neutral/cold image with this process. foe
getteing these split tone I just make a sensitizer with liPd and gold or
Lipd and Dichromate. the low key look always more neutral or warmer compare
to the highlight , and if you use gold highlight will look cold.

also to obtain constant result you should take care of the temp/RH and the
timing .

I know use sleeve of mylar so when I put my paper in it protect the paper
for loosing humidity. I do this because I use a vacuum printer and if I
don't do this the pump take also the humidity away (especially with long

Personnaly I realy appreciate the platinum additive as it give better detail
in the low light, warmth the print and give also smoother highlight.

best regards

Nz Christian

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