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I manufacture and i sell a book on the Négatif for Alt Process with a
printer C84 but my book is in french

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Sujet : Epson C 84 and Negative printing
Okay, since this has come up...
For those of you using the Epson C 84 to produce NEGATIVES, can you
elaborate on your methods? Making negatives on inkjet printers is a new
area for me (I'm not sure that my now-aged Epson Photo Stylus 750 is up
to the task...but if I'm wrong, someone PLEASE tell and I'll hang on to
it!)...I'm interested in creating negatives for P.O.P. most immediately
and ultimately for Plat/Pall printing. I'm okay with the size
constraints of these printers.
What inks are working best with which film combinations (I have a small
stash of Pictorico that I've been saving so i could start doing this) ?
Dennis Moser
Carmen Lizardo wrote:
> Thank you kindly for all of the advice. I just called
> the authorized Epson repair place and they quoted
> between
> $300 - $350 to replace the head ($172.50/head plus 1.5
> to 2 hours labor at $80/hour) this is robbery!
> Anyways, I would use some of your advice to buy a new
> printer with the refund money. (If the seller does
> give me $$ back) I had a 1270 printer that I used like
> a workhorse, and I loved it, which is why I ventured
> into buying another one. I think I can afford $200.00,
> but since that is not a lot, I am looking to get some
> recommendations from the list.
> What is the best thing I can get for this amount?
> Thank you for taking the time.
> Love,
> Carmen
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