Re: Epson 2200 or Canon i9900

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Date: 07/21/04-06:08:43 AM Z
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Sandy wrote:

> I found that the UV absorption of the Canon inks was very,
> very low.

The more effort manufacturers put into making their dyes and inks (more)
archival, the more of a problem this is going to be for folks making
negatives for UV-sensitive processes. The fewer UV photons absorbed by the
colorant, the less energy is available to fade the color. The colorant can
only do three things with incident photons: absorb them, reflect them, or
transmit them. Reflection would make the colorants unsuitable for their
intended purpose by distorting the color, so they won't increase that --
thus leaving absorption or transmittal. So, greater archivality will
generally mean more UV transmittal and less absorption.

Surely some enterprising supplier to the alt-photo trade can formulate an
enhanced UV-absorbing ink and supply it for alt-printers to use in their
black cartridges, thus enabling relatively easy switching for those who
need to use the same printer for other things. Dick? (If sucessfully
commercialized, modest royalties would be welcome. :-)

best regards,

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