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From: Timo Sund ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/11/04-11:36:56 AM Z
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Jon Danforth wrote:
> I think that you'll probably just have to make them yourself.

Yes I do know but local authorities and regulations prohibit me to buy
any silvernitrate + other vital chemistry for processes. I even tired to
persuade my doctor to write me a reciepe of pure silvernitrate for
wetplates. He said he donīt know how to. Pharmacists wont sell without
proper reciepe and acceptable reasons to use it, since silvernitrate is
considered poisonous here. :-(

Ordering from US is difficult because I donīt have international credit
card whatsoever and wonīt even consider to gain one. And placing
international moneyorder or direct deposit is considered difficult by
most US companies.

If I place order to company within European Union there is no
considerably problems with local regulations or customs as there is when
ordering from US. An paradox with our dear old continent.

>Plus, how could any
> manufacturer sell wet plates? The whole point of wet-plate is that the
> emulsion is only light sensitive while it is wet.

Yes My error. I meant that if I could buy components, Iīd do it, if
available anywhere.

Only finnish distributor for some "exotic" chemistries went to
bankrupty recently quite sudden.

Iīve considered starting my own business with process
components but donīt yet know when or how I should do it. And where to
get enough money + time to start it and keep it running profitably.

Timo Sund
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