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I think that you'll probably just have to make them yourself. In the US,
there are a couple of companies that you can buy silver-plated copper plates
and high quality copper plates for Daguerreotypes (see for suppliers) so those companies
might be a starting point and could point you in the direction for tin. You
still have to sensitize the plates yourself, though. Plus, how could any
manufacturer sell wet plates? The whole point of wet-plate is that the
emulsion is only light sensitive while it is wet.


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> Matti Koskinen wrote:
> > hi all,
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> > here's a link to a video of preparing tintypes:
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> Dang! flash!! and not enough bandwidth available :-(
> Does anyone sell these within European Union? And are there any
> sellers/manufacturers for dry-/wetplates in our dear old world?
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