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Have you considered a communal purchase of alt process materials? I would
consider contacting Art Craft Chemicals her in the U.S if you can get
several individuals to purchase bulk chemicals.

Good luck,

Don Bryant

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> Jon Danforth wrote:
> > I think that you'll probably just have to make them yourself.
> Yes I do know but local authorities and regulations prohibit me to buy
> any silvernitrate + other vital chemistry for processes. I even tired to
> persuade my doctor to write me a reciepe of pure silvernitrate for
> wetplates. He said he donīt know how to. Pharmacists wont sell without
> proper reciepe and acceptable reasons to use it, since silvernitrate is
> considered poisonous here. :-(
> Ordering from US is difficult because I donīt have international credit
> card whatsoever and wonīt even consider to gain one. And placing
> international moneyorder or direct deposit is considered difficult by
> most US companies.
> If I place order to company within European Union there is no
> considerably problems with local regulations or customs as there is when
> ordering from US. An paradox with our dear old continent.
> >Plus, how could any
> > manufacturer sell wet plates? The whole point of wet-plate is that the
> > emulsion is only light sensitive while it is wet.
> Yes My error. I meant that if I could buy components, Iīd do it, if
> available anywhere.
> Only finnish distributor for some "exotic" chemistries went to
> bankrupty recently quite sudden.
> Iīve considered starting my own business with process
> components but donīt yet know when or how I should do it. And where to
> get enough money + time to start it and keep it running profitably.
> --
> Timo Sund
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