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> On Thu, 29 Jan 2004, Loris Medici wrote:
> > 1) Gum is very expensive if you buy the "premium" versions and I
> > couldn't find any "cheap" litographer grade gum in my area, also I
> > think mixing my own gum from raw gum tears will not be as easy /
> > convenient as using egg yolks.
> Do you have any commercial printers -- that is companies that
> print offset
> -- in your area? Their lithographer's gum (in this country)
> costs from $16 to $19 dollars a gallon, which is 4 liters. I
> found that every one of 4 or 5 different makers that I've
> used excellent -- much better than the "premium" gum.

I couldn't find a screen printers or litographers supply store. Maybe I
should search better. Thanks for the tip.

> ...
> On the other hand, I want to print on PAPER, not plastic. But
> what's YUPO?


Q: What is YUPO?

A: YUPO is a full line of synthetic printing papers manufactured
entirely from polypropylene resins. YUPO contains no wood pulp or other
organic materials.


Q: How else does YUPO differ from conventional paper?

A: Because it is a synthetic, YUPO papers are 100% water resistant and
otherwise extremely durable. YUPO has excellent tear resistance and is
highly resistant to chemicals and oils. In addition to superior
durability, YUPO synthetic papers have an extremely bright, smooth



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