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Date: 01/30/04-12:52:28 AM Z
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On Fri, 30 Jan 2004, Loris Medici wrote:
> I couldn't find a screen printers or litographers supply store. Maybe I
> should search better. Thanks for the tip.

Hi Loris,

I think you wouldn't find a "store" in the sense of a storefront on the
street somewhere... But if there are commercial printers they're getting
their supplies from some place... Do you have what we call "yellow
pages"-- that is, a phone book that lists businesses by type? If so, look
under printers -- that's where I found one of my first (and best) gallons
-- I called a printer & asked where THEY got THEIR gum arabic. They named
a place in Yonkers, a "rim" city. I phoned & sent a check; they mailed.

> A: Because it is a synthetic, YUPO papers are 100% water resistant and
> otherwise extremely durable. YUPO has excellent tear resistance and is
> highly resistant to chemicals and oils. In addition to superior
> durability, YUPO synthetic papers have an extremely bright, smooth
> surface.

  I'm trying to visualize it... of course I'm prejudiced in favor of a
nice rag artists' paper, but trying to keep an open mind -- Is it anything
like what I think is called Tyvek (?) that the US post office uses for
priority mail & businesses use for large envelopes? It certainly is
indestructible... tho to me unlovely. But maybe that's something else
entirely ? (If I were Mark I'd have something to say about yuppo-ies,
good thing I'm not.)

meanwhile, thanks for the info...

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