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> I see, I was wondering which came first, the chicken or the the
> sizing or the egg hehehehe, but then it would make sense to size first and
> then
> eggit.

> If you print six or seven steps on a Stouffer wedge, then it require about a
> negative with about Log .9 to Log 1.05 density, which I understand is similar
> to gum printing.


   I see though, what you mean that single printing is rare,
> and density is built up with subsequent coats. Though tar

> Having grown up on a midwest farm, where there were no acacia trees, but
> plenty of eggs, the process intruigues me. I appreciate your sharing
> information.

We all have to share
> I lost a previous post where you mentioned whether or not you use Potassium
> Dichromate or Ammonium Dichromate. Do you have a preference? (sorry if
> this
> is repetive)?

I use amm dichromate because it is that much faster
> Does the Ammonium Dichromate print with a longer scale than Potassium
> Dichromate as with gum?

I don't know or care
> Can you lengthen the printed scale (on a Stouffers) by using more saturated
> solutions of either?
> Thanks in Advance for your kind patience.

No Mark I am not a Patienct man but I am a accurate one
> Mark Nelson

Mark get back to me

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