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I see, I was wondering which came first, the chicken or the the
sizing or the egg hehehehe, but then it would make sense to size first and then

If you print six or seven steps on a Stouffer wedge, then it require about a
negative with about Log .9 to Log 1.05 density, which I understand is similar
to gum printing. I see though, what you mean that single printing is rare,
and density is built up with subsequent coats. Though targeting negatives to
this density would be certainly helpful to retain tonality.

Having grown up on a midwest farm, where there were no acacia trees, but
plenty of eggs, the process intruigues me. I appreciate your sharing

I lost a previous post where you mentioned whether or not you use Potassium
Dichromate or Ammonium Dichromate. Do you have a preference? (sorry if this
is repetive)?

Does the Ammonium Dichromate print with a longer scale than Potassium
Dichromate as with gum?

Can you lengthen the printed scale (on a Stouffers) by using more saturated
solutions of either?

Thanks in Advance for your kind patience.

Mark Nelson

PS: I think there is another Stouffers here in the US with some of their
own egg recipes...

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> Whether one could walk on it is another matter. For a good bond I would
> recommend that you put a coating of clear polyurethane on first as "sizing"
> then the egg.
> > What would you say are the limits of density range for negatives for this
> > process?
> I think the density range is about 1.8 to 2.01. However I have not measured
> it. Not possessing densitometers etc I can get six to seven steps from a
> stuffier wedge on a normal print mix.
> Really It is not that important as the process is by its very nature
> multicoat. I don't think I ever have done a satisfactory single coat print.
> Monochrome needs three to four coatings and colour ten(10) to fifteen(15)
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