Re: octopus Tempura and hardened gelatine batter

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Date: 01/29/04-05:40:05 PM Z
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Subject: octopus Tempura and hardened gelatine batter

> Tempura is mostly vegetables, prawn,
> meat, and maybe other seafood but chicken tempura is new
to me. (not
> that it can't be done with the alt processing techniques)
> From: pete <>
> Subject: Re: Temperaprint & Chicken Tempura
> Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 19:20:38 +0000
> > Most surfaces don't need sealing. The problem ones are
> > paper and some fabrics. Pva and acrylic varnishes or the
> > gelatine about 10% give two coats and harden with
formalin 3% sol
> > will work well.
> How would you apply the primer or plain gelatin dispersion
to the
> watercolor paper? If you apply it to both sides the paper
will more
> likely dry flat but it also presents difficulty in washing
> material after any chemical treatment of the material.
(I've been
> thinking about applying gelatin or alkyd primer to
watercolor paper
> before coating with silver gelatin (developing out)
> Incidentally, can anyone convince me why I should try POP?
Based on
> the chemical steps involved, I think making POP emulsion
is a lot
> easier than making DOP emulsion if someone seriously
tries... (I think
> Ray made it a few times...)
> --
> Ryuji Suzuki

  I don't know if I can convince you but it does have a
different look than other processes. Probably because of the
self-masking effect. Properly toned POP is permanent.
Actually, I rather like the color of the original image but
don't know any way to preserve it. Gold toning results in
cold or purplish tones.
   Now, I like Tempura but not octopus. I also don't like
escargot, too much like eating cut up art gum erasers. A one
time lady friend thought I was very declasse for this.

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