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Subject: 5X7 developing tank, was Re: moral dilemma &
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> This may be a bit off topic but not much more than the
Walmart thread I think.
> Anyway, I am looking for one of the old fashioned rubber
> developing tanks, of the kind that takes film on hangers.
I suspect
> that most of these tanks have been thrown away by now, but
if anyone
> knows of a source for a nice clean one with a few hangers
please let
> me know.
> Sandy King
  If you are going to use these tanks you will need several,
one for each solution and something to wash the film in.
They should be plentiful on the used market. I think you
will find mostly the 8x10 tanks. The large ones take 3-1/2
gallons of solution but there are smaller tanks. There are
film hangers for hanging 5x7 or four 4x5s in an 8x10 tank.
  There was also a daylight 5x7 processor made by Morse
Instrument Co., which occasionally shows up on eBay. This is
a rig that holds several regular tank type hangers in a box
with a light trap at the bottom Its put into regular tanks
and agitated by lifting out and draining, the same as
hangers on a rack. They were made for the military so are
very stongly built. I have not seen one in a while.
   Note that you will find a regular tank system easier to
work with if you have racks for the hangers.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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