Silver chloride contact printing papers - AZO

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Date: 01/26/04-11:05:01 AM Z
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I was reading an article about AZO paper and in the article it's written
that AZO is a silver chloride contact printing paper. AFAIK, salted
papers and albumenized papers also are silver chloride papers. The AZO
article also mention developers like Amidol, Dektol... that's where I
got confused; according to my limited knowledge, salted and albumenized
silver chloride papers are POP papers - there's no development involved
but only a wash to get rid of unexposed silver chloride, then toning and
fixing. So, what is the main difference - in the emulsion, not the
support - between salted / albuminenized paper and AZO paper? BTW, the
look of AZO prints doesn't resemble even a bit to salted paper and/or
albumenized paper - from what I get from the reproductions of both

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