Re: storing lenses

From: Jon Lybrook ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 01/26/04-10:40:18 AM Z
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Florists often carry silica gel for drying flowers. Try the floral or gardening
department. If they don't carry it, I'm sure the owner could tell you where to
get it. Oh, but that's right, Sam Walton's dead now, isn't he? ;-)

If you can't get it locally, click here:

You'll just pay for shipping instead of letting the proprietor "absorb" the cost.

Best wishes,

Shannon Stoney wrote:

>> We're in the same boat on this issue. I'm planning on building
>>something like a humidor but instead of keeping the humidty in, I'm putting
>>in silica gel cartridges which can be "recharged" by pouring the gel out
>>onto a cookie sheet and baking for a while.
> I have been trying to find silica gel locally. Does anybody know where you
> can buy it? I already tried Walmart. ;-)
> --shannon
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