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2004.01.26. 18:05 Loris Medici <> vrote:

> I was reading an article about AZO paper and in the article it's written
> that AZO is a silver chloride contact printing paper.

> The AZO
> article also mention developers like Amidol, Dektol... that's where I
> got confused; according to my limited knowledge, salted and albumenized
> silver chloride papers are POP papers - there's no development involved
The several silver chloride POP papers contents some free silver nitrate to get the printing out effect. There was (is?) silver chloride gelatine "emulsions"  developing out (DOP) paper also - usually without free silver nitrate. 
It was called as a "contact paper" because it has a low speed so it was not able for enlarging -- only for contact printing.
This type of paper was available by all main producers till about the 1970-s. (And more by a few producers).
In a time silver chloride collodion developing paper was also widely used.
There was a few product for dual using DOP/POP called as gaslight paper in the first decades of XX. century.
(And a lot of other versions of the developed silver chlorides also in the history.)
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