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Date: 01/18/04-07:53:07 PM Z
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Then from what you are saying, one might say that humidity is a factor, but
that less humidity might be better?

Mark Nelson

You know, Mark, I don't know the answer to this question, as I didn't find
it a problem necessarily either way, just an adjustment. I would say that
less humidity was easier, in that my paper dried faster, and if there was
any relation between stain and humidity or low contrast and humidity, then
less would be better. But I guess I just don't see it as the problem some
authors have cracked it up to be...yet, anyway. Mind you, I spent years in
MT doing gum and have only experienced high humidity doing gum since June of
this year, first in MN and then in SC. And I don't coat honkin' big prints
like Keith Gerling does, either...
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