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Then from what you are saying, one might say that humidity is a factor, but
that less humidity might be better?

Mark Nelson
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> That said, I never saw a difference in outcome that I could relate to that
> one variable, so I filed that concept in my "Possible Gum Myth"  folder.
> Then again, if those authors have fine tuned their process to such a degree
> and print the same image over and over, so they know if there is a miniscule
> change, perhaps they're wiser than I--well, that's a given.  But humidity in
> this case could be one variable among many, like something new in the water
> during summer, or increased temps which made their dichromate solution
> stronger, or change in manufacturerer paper sizing, or whatever.  In other
> words, there are other changes that could cause gum changes aside from
> humidity in the summer.
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