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Date: 01/19/04-04:42:33 AM Z
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I also have a tube of Gloy that Terry King gave me. It is a brand name for a
household and school glue. My assumption is that one could use Lepage's old
glue if it is still available. I have recently purchased at the Staples
office supply store, a liquid glue pen that is also washable. That product
might work also.

Just a thought.

Jack Fulton

> Baird, Darryl wrote:
>> Katharine,
>> Do you or anyone know if there are differences amongst the gloys of
>> the world as there is gum arabic?
> Isn't Gloy a brand name product rather than a generic colloid like gum
> arabic or gelatin? If so I'd guess the answer is no, there shouldn't be
> much variation. But I could be wrong about that assumption, in which
> case who knows.
>> P.S. I bought two tubes/sticks of gloy last time I visited mother
>> England and believe I have most of both remaining. I'm pretty certain
>> I could live without one of these. Would you like some gloy?
> No, but Keith might. Grab it, Keith!
> kt
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