RE: Sodium chloropalladite and Ziatype, now on to making AFO

From: Baird, Darryl ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 01/18/04-02:41:00 PM Z
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Has anyone made their own ammonium ferric oxalate (AFO) from ammonium
carbonate and oxalic acid? What was your experience?

The "formulary" at B&S states to make AFO, simply nuetralize oxalic
acid with either ammonium or ammonium carbonate. I had the later and
mixed equal parts (by weight) together into about 100ml of distilled
water. After the fizzy stuff stopped, I vigorously stirred the
concoction and then poured through a coffee filter, allowed to strain,
and then spread the resulting white paste onto a glass sheet to dry.
Is this an appropriate way to "nuetralize" or I'm likely to have
missed a step or messed up the desired AFO?



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