RE: Sodium chloropalladite and Ziatype, now on to making AFO

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Ha, that's pretty funny, of course my final product is afo, but I
needed the ammonium oxalate first. I already have the FO, but as today
is Sunday and I have rare free time, I thought I'd just do it... (plus
I'm half Scotch)

thanks for pointing out the obvious error in my post

now I'll wait till the stuff dries for an accurate weight measure and
continue the madness (it also keeps me out of the wife's hair)


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I know this may sound pretty radical but you do need some iron to make

ferric ammonium oxalate!

What you have made by adding ammonium carbonate to oxalic acid is
ammonium oxalate and plenty of carbon dioxide (the fizz)

You may wish to re-visit the B&S site where you will find that you
to combine ferric oxalate with ammonium oxalate in order to produce
compound ferric ammonium oxalate. No need to form the crystalline
solid, just keep it as a liquid in a labeled (in case you mistake it
for the liquor, chartreuse) brown glass bottle.

My advice, just buy the stuff! It ain't that expensive!

Cheers ... Tony McLean
On 18 Jan 2004, at 20:41, Baird, Darryl wrote:

> Has anyone made their own ammonium ferric oxalate (AFO) from
> carbonate and oxalic acid? What was your experience?
> The "formulary" at B&S states to make AFO, simply nuetralize oxalic
> acid with either ammonium or ammonium carbonate. I had the later and
> mixed equal parts (by weight) together into about 100ml of distilled
> water. After the fizzy stuff stopped, I vigorously stirred the
> concoction and then poured through a coffee filter, allowed to
> and then spread the resulting white paste onto a glass sheet to dry.
> Is this an appropriate way to "nuetralize" or I'm likely to have
> missed a step or messed up the desired AFO?
> thanks
> Darryl
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