Panoramic Carbon Transfer(?) photo of Rio de Janeiro

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Date: 01/18/04-03:39:15 AM Z
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Hi Folks, I found this spliced panoramic cityscape photo ( 2 X 11" X 14" )
of Rio which I had bought several years ago hidden under a mass of papers in
my work room.
        Altho the print is marred by condensation stain from being framed for
many years under glass by the previous owners the main part of the picture is
still in good condition and contains the most amazing fine detail. The info
on the picture is as follows...

"Entree de Rio (Du Morro de Cantagallo) " Marc Ferrez photo. 88, Rua Sao
Jose, Rio de Janeiro.
         From the condition of the cardboard backing the picture is quite
ancient but the image seems to have retained its origional tone. No silvering,
hence I suspect it is a carbon / gelatine transfer. Studying the actual emulsion
with a high powered glass I can discern very, very, fine reticulation.... but
almost unoticeable.
          To the right of the picture is Sugar Loaf Mountain and also the
area where there is now, this present day, an enormous statue of Jesus with
outstretched arms. This photo was taken before the erection of that statue so this
may give an indication of the age of the photo.
           I thought this might be of interest to some of you who may live in
the area of Rio and also those who may be knowledgeable re carbon/gel
                               Best wishes John
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