I kid you not, here's a new alt process

From: Christina Z. Anderson ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 01/17/04-09:53:28 PM Z
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I've hit the motherlode of all times; this week, I got 24 reels of the
British Journal of Photography, from 1860 to 1910, for gum research, to use
until April. I'm in hog heaven, except my butt is gonna get so big, sitting
there for hours and hours watching microfilmed pages glide by (how off topic
can I get). Anyway, I had to report to you all a new process I came across
in 1867--the "morphine process". Now, granted, I didn't take the time to
read thru it because I really have to be narrow in my search or else I'll go
crazy (this is 50 years of a weekly journal or 2600 journals) but the first
time I saw it go by I thought it was a joke, until it kept mentioning the
process issue after issue. Maybe the current generation can start a
marijuana process? Then again, maybe I'm the ONLY one on the list who hasn't
ever heard of this before.
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