Re: Sodium chloropalladite and Ziatype

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Date: 01/16/04-09:46:47 AM Z
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I have done Ziatypes with Na2PdCl4 solution (that is the only palladiun
salt I am using) with the addition of LiCl. I have a bottle of 50% lithium
chloride. One to two drops of this solution for a 4x5 prints should do. My
ziatypes typically contain some gold to get the beautiful cool blacks. THe
key in Ziatype is high humidity, It would be perfect for a day like today
in Houston, 75% humidity. I have to confess that I never moved beyond 4x5
with Ziatypes, My successs ration was not that good. I have some great
prints and lot and lots of bad prints. I am printing palladium with gum
over to change the tone of the print.
YOU can see some of my Ziatypes here
Good luck and let us know.

> I need some guidance/advise.
> I purchased a time ago a 100ml of sodium chloropalladite, Solution #3
> for traditional palladium printing. I'd rather make ziatypes of
> possible, but doubt that I can use this due to the sodium component in
> this mixture. Is it possible to add lithium chloride at this point or
> do I need to punt and take the loss? Any reasonable suggestions
> appreciated. By reasonable I mean nothing worse than selling this
> solution and buying the Lithium/Palladium mix from B&S. I already kow
> I could do this.
> As an alternative, could I use this solution for any type of toning?
> thanks
> Darryl Baird
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