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Date: 01/16/04-10:20:37 AM Z
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What I suspect you purchased from B&S is sodium tetrachloropalladadite
which is the double salt of palladium formed by the addition of common
salt (sodium chloride) to palladium chloride.

Adding additional lithium chloride to this double salt will not make
the lithium salt of palladium and will be a total waste of time (and
good palladium)

My recommendation is to try the print-out technique using your existing
sodium tetrachloropalladite and ferric ammonium oxalate. I suspect
that you will achieve a result of sorts but not exactly the same as
using the lithium salt. If you are unhappy with the result then either
purchase some more palladium chloride and add the lithium chloride to
it or forget the whole thing and use the traditional recipe for
platinum palladium printing. I find it far superior and much more
consistent and I suspect that most other Pt/Pd printers would agree?

Cheers ... Tony McLean
On 16 Jan 2004, at 15:46, wrote:

> Darryl,
> I have done Ziatypes with Na2PdCl4 solution (that is the only palladiun
> salt I am using) with the addition of LiCl. I have a bottle of 50%
> lithium
> chloride. One to two drops of this solution for a 4x5 prints should
> do. My
> ziatypes typically contain some gold to get the beautiful cool blacks.
> THe
> key in Ziatype is high humidity, It would be perfect for a day like
> today
> in Houston, 75% humidity. I have to confess that I never moved beyond
> 4x5
> with Ziatypes, My successs ration was not that good. I have some great
> prints and lot and lots of bad prints. I am printing palladium with gum
> over to change the tone of the print.
> YOU can see some of my Ziatypes here
> Good luck and let us know.
> Marek
>> I need some guidance/advise.
>> I purchased a time ago a 100ml of sodium chloropalladite, Solution #3
>> for traditional palladium printing. I'd rather make ziatypes of
>> possible, but doubt that I can use this due to the sodium component in
>> this mixture. Is it possible to add lithium chloride at this point or
>> do I need to punt and take the loss? Any reasonable suggestions
>> appreciated. By reasonable I mean nothing worse than selling this
>> solution and buying the Lithium/Palladium mix from B&S. I already kow
>> I could do this.
>> As an alternative, could I use this solution for any type of toning?
>> thanks
>> Darryl Baird
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