Re: Has anyone else had the Epson 1280 print dialog change lately?

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Date: 01/16/04-08:54:46 AM Z
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I want to thank Mateo Leyba for finding the key to getting to the cause of
all of this. He asked if I had the Gimp-Print-CUPS driver installed instead
of the Epson driver.

That was the key hint right there. I subsequently figured out what
happened. I recently moved my computer to another room, and had set up a
wireless Airport connection to the house LAN. I tried to leave the printer
hooked to the airport base station, and did manage to get it to work
initially with Rendevous, but it would just go 'out to lunch' if I left it
for more than a couple of hours without printing anything. So I ended up
reconnecting the printer directly to the computer via the USB cable. So my
mistake was after I deleted the Rendevous printer and hit 'Add printer' to
make the printer local again. The scroll box that that is then displayed
contains several options. I happened to pick USB (seems logical, huh?),
which defaults to loading the Gimp-CUPS drivers. What I needed to select is
'Epson USB' which is the real Epson driver.

The interesting thing is this Gimp-Print driver. It gives you a whole lot of
options that the Epson driver doesn't. So those with time and curiousity
might do well to explore the options in that particular driver. For
instance, it allows you to select about 5 different dithering methods for
creating the spool file to send to your printer.

So thanks again to Mateo for his help. As an aside, you can actually install
more than one driver for a printer, and play around with which one will
print better. In my case, I have the EpsonUSB now set as the default, but I
left this GimpPrintCUPS driver installed too, because some of the options it
gives you look interesting.


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