Re: screenprinting chemical question

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Date: 01/13/04-11:42:44 AM Z
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Under the circumstances I would suggest two things. First I would just try
brush cleaner. That will cost less than $4.00. Then if that doesn't work I
would give serious consideration to just put a new screen fabric in place and
you can put the whole problem to rest. I taught art for 45 years and I am well
aware of what is important to you and the art program. You want results like
yesterday and you don't need a lot of extra costs. If I were in your shoes, I
would replace the fabric and forget it. I know that will work. I have had
plenty of experience with silk screen so if you need help, just let me know. My
area of screen experience was in home made photo screens.

Bob Wicks, Professor Emeritus, Art/Photography
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