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Thanks, all,
     Bob, I'm trying to remove that Nazdar screenprinting emulsion, that is
either purple, blue, or green. Plus some leftover hardened acrylic paint.

     The auto haze worked great. It is potassium hydroxide and who knows
what else. However, by the time it gets to the school here, it costs $75
with shipping for a quart or so!!!

     Thus, I think i will try these suggestions on some old leftover
screens: the bleach, and the paint stripper. And Drano/Red Devil/Toilet
Bowl cleaner.

     I have no idea what the chemical in the screenprinting stuff is,
whether diazo or dichromate...nor the carrier..


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> Chris:
> You did not state what it is that you are trying to remove from your silk
> screen. When I remove photo bichromate screens all that is necessary is
to use
> Clorox. Hope this solves your problem.
> Bob
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