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When you made homemade photo screens, what was your coating formula?
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> Chris:
> Under the circumstances I would suggest two things. First I would just
> brush cleaner. That will cost less than $4.00. Then if that doesn't work
> would give serious consideration to just put a new screen fabric in place
> you can put the whole problem to rest. I taught art for 45 years and I am
> aware of what is important to you and the art program. You want results
> yesterday and you don't need a lot of extra costs. If I were in your
shoes, I
> would replace the fabric and forget it. I know that will work. I have had
> plenty of experience with silk screen so if you need help, just let me
know. My
> area of screen experience was in home made photo screens.
> Bob Wicks, Professor Emeritus, Art/Photography
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