Re: History buffs? Eder Readers?

From: Guido Ceuppens ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 02/19/04-03:58:12 PM Z
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D. Van Monckhoven was the first Belgian manufacturer of sensitized
material (emulsions, glass plates and even carbon paper). He died in
1882.Lieven Gevaert only started his company in Antwerp in 1894.
One of the firms that made Van Monckhoven's plates was owned by
Baekeland who later (1889?) manufactured the first silver chloride paper
in the US and then invented the 'Bakelite', one of the first plastics.
I have one original cardboard box that used to hold Dr D. Van
Mockhoven's 'Plaques, Emulsion Instantane'e'. If you want I could scan
the top and email it to you off-list.
Guido from Antwerp (Belgium)
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