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Date: 02/19/04-02:51:23 PM Z
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>Can you describe the sticking? Is the surface of the paper coming off
>on the plate or something less sinister?

Yes, in the worse cases that happened, to the point that the paper
tore and there were bits of paper stuck to the plate that had to be
washed off with water and a brush.

> Strange Ross stated on his
>site that traditional plate warmers used by printmakers were to be
>avoided with polymer. Are you using a warmer prior to or while you're
>inking? I had a plate stick to a positive film after over heating in a
>carbon-arc printer... in other words, it can get tacky with heat.

We don't use the plate warmer, and the plates are cool from the
hardening by the time we ink and print them.

>Are all your schools plates from the same shipment? ... a bad batch?

Two different batches, same problem.

Did you use the thin Miraclon or the thicker? It seemed that the
thicker plates were worse about this.

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