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The french book (193 p. A4 format)

        Une Histoire de plaques
L'industrie de la plaque photographique
        de 1850 à 1970

is available at the writer's. Hstory of more than 300 photographic dry
plate manufactures.

Le 19 févr. 2004, à 22:58, Guido Ceuppens a écrit :

> D. Van Monckhoven was the first Belgian manufacturer of sensitized
> material (emulsions, glass plates and even carbon paper). He died in
> 1882.Lieven Gevaert only started his company in Antwerp in 1894.
> One of the firms that made Van Monckhoven's plates was owned by
> Baekeland who later (1889?) manufactured the first silver chloride
> paper
> in the US and then invented the 'Bakelite', one of the first plastics.
> I have one original cardboard box that used to hold Dr D. Van
> Mockhoven's 'Plaques, Emulsion Instantane'e'. If you want I could scan
> the top and email it to you off-list.
> Guido from Antwerp (Belgium)
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