Rockland Halo Chrome

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Date: 02/17/04-08:10:58 PM Z
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Has anyone ever used Rockland Halo Chrome? It's a kind of
toner that is supposed to "fuse the silver crystals together
to create a metallic appearence for B/W prints". The process
is essentially : bleach the image until just a yellow ghost
image remains, wash it for a minute, then immerse in
the "silvering solution" until the "silvering process" is
complete (no time is given for this, the directions are real
sketchy) then fix. Everything went alright until the
fixing...then I would loss all the detail in my image. I
think this may be due to the fact that I was using rapid
fix. Also, the images that it did turn metallic (it seemed
to exhaust extremely quickly) went gold, not silver.

Any thoughts?
Thanks, Jenn
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