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Date: 02/17/04-08:56:36 PM Z
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Thanks for posting this! I have a bottle of Halo Chrome that I was planning
on working with soon and now I know that I should probably avoid rapid

Please post your results with the glossy RC paper and any tips you come
across for us!


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Subject: Rockland Halo Chrome

> Has anyone ever used Rockland Halo Chrome? It's a kind of
> toner that is supposed to "fuse the silver crystals together
> to create a metallic appearence for B/W prints". The process
> is essentially : bleach the image until just a yellow ghost
> image remains, wash it for a minute, then immerse in
> the "silvering solution" until the "silvering process" is
> complete (no time is given for this, the directions are real
> sketchy) then fix. Everything went alright until the
> fixing...then I would loss all the detail in my image. I
> think this may be due to the fact that I was using rapid
> fix. Also, the images that it did turn metallic (it seemed
> to exhaust extremely quickly) went gold, not silver.
> Any thoughts?
> Thanks, Jenn
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