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Date: 02/15/04-06:39:07 PM Z
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> I
> can
> then take a wet brush later and pick up some of the pigment for
> the
> print where necessary.

Good idea!

> For platinum and palladium prints, I have had great success just
> W&N
> Ivory black and Burnt Umber to approximate the color of the print I am
> spotting.

Ahhhh Soooo! Thank you. Now why didn't I think of that combination.

> always
> blend it somewhat lighter than the surrounding area, and make 2 or 3
> passes to
> build up the density. It is always much easier to go back and make it
> darker,
> but making it lighter is a lot more hassle.

Yep, I agree there.

> I have also found that many
> times
> just a little tiny dot in the middle of the white spot will hide the
> so
> well that you cannot even find it on the next pass. Less is more when
> comes
> to spotting.

Me too. Thanks for the tips.

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