RE: Spotting Alt Prints

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Date: 02/15/04-06:45:36 PM Z
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> the
> dry side to avoid pigment running or halos.

Okay, I'll try that.

> I also use a bit of Ox Gall

Isn't Ox Gall used by water color artists or am I thinking of something
else. Where does one find Ox Gall? And is it made from oxen? Just

> After several spotting session I may need to wipe the plate of blended
> areas
> and leave my large blobs to start the blending anew.

I often let my ceramic saucers set out and dry and save the pigment
mixture for next time. I always use distilled water to liquefy the
pigment. Perhaps the ox gall works like a surfactant.

And yes I always work with a paper scrap to match tone and density
against before applying the pigment or Spot Tone.



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