RE: Slightly, Large Copy Camera to Enlarger Conversion?

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Thanks to all that responded on/off list. We hope to begin assembling the
camera next week. It is currently is six crates. I'll try and take lots of
photos and post some web pages as we progress.

I'll post the url to all that are interested shortly.

Again, thanks for your input.



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Sorry for the off post, but the alt-process skill set seems more
appropriate. We have acquired a very large copy camera with a 20x24 film
plate and a 16' foot bed. We are interested in the possibility of adapting
it for a huge enlarger. Being able to make enlargements of a 20x24 negative
could have a tremendous benefit for us.

1. Are we insane?

2. Light source? Cold Light maybe? We were thinking of contacting Aristo to
have a custom source made.

3. We have access to a machine shop, so the anticipated fabrication should
not scare us off?

4. Lens coverage for a 20x24 negative?

5. Are we really insane, and is a copy camera not simply an enlarger in

Any guidance off-list or on would be really appreciated.


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