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Date: 02/15/04-04:24:49 PM Z
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This is exactly how wood behaves, dimensional stability is non-existent
cross grain, huge with the grain. So much so, that when making pieces
from wood (vs plywood, which is built from thin sheets of wood laid down
in alternating grain directions with glue, plywood is very stable
dimensionally), there are all sorts of methods to accommodate cross
grain expansion and shrinkage. It will happen, you've got to live with it.


Keith Gerling wrote:

> I've tried dangling weights on wet paper. Even devised a tool that
> grabbed the paper and stretched it over a steel drum (like a medieval
> torture device). Didn't work. I'm convinced that shrinking paper
> exerts enough force to move railroad cars. One method that really
> works is the one Dick Sullivan has on his website: dry mount the print
> on a stiff substrate and keep it there until the print is finished.
> But this adds major hassle to the process, so I don't do it.
> As for paper that expands rather than shrinks: I've experienced
> something close. Once, using Fabriano 5, I noticed that it only
> shrank in one direction, meaning the picture got smaller sideways but
> remained the same top to bottom. When I tried to expand the paper via
> humidification and wetting the backside, it expanded in BOTH
> directions, rendering it too BIG top to bottom. I never could figure
> that out.
> Keith
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