OT: Slightly, Large Copy Camera to Enlarger Conversion?

From: Sean ^lt;sean@ecurb.net>
Date: 02/13/04-05:06:41 PM Z
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Sorry for the off post, but the alt-process skill set seems more
appropriate. We have acquired a very large copy camera with a 20x24 film
plate and a 16' foot bed. We are interested in the possibility of adapting
it for a huge enlarger. Being able to make enlargements of a 20x24 negative
could have a tremendous benefit for us.

1. Are we insane?

2. Light source? Cold Light maybe? We were thinking of contacting Aristo to
have a custom source made.

3. We have access to a machine shop, so the anticipated fabrication should
not scare us off?

4. Lens coverage for a 20x24 negative?

5. Are we really insane, and is a copy camera not simply an enlarger in

Any guidance off-list or on would be really appreciated.


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