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Does anyone here have experience with Rockland Liquid Emulsions? I have not
experimented with it and had a few questionsS

Does the surface temperature you apply the emulsion to matter? I would
imagine it should be approximately the same as the emulsion if possible
Applying the emulsion to glass this is important, to paper I haven't found a
problem. I work at controlled temperature around 20 deg Celsius so my paper
is always relatively warm anyway. With the glass, though, I give it a blast
with the hairdryer(on the reverse side) to warm it up a bit, otherwise it
gets very streaky and sets very quickly- from one side of a 5" glass plate
to the other!

How strongly does it adhere to the surface it is brushed onto? What if the
surface is not porous? Or is very porous?
Exytremes either way are bad - very porous and it absorbs too much. All
liqud silver emulsion manufacturers recoomend sizing with some substance or
other on a very porous paper for instance. I don't do cloth so not sure of
this. I had major headaches making the emulsion stick to glass. Have a look
back at the archives for the last 6 months for lots of technical information
about sizing glass.

Can I use a toner like Kodak Selenium Toner on the emulsion?
Absolutely - I do it all the time. It's important to fix and wash properly -
the uneven nature of brush-applied emulsion means that some parts of the
image will take longer to fix.

Are there any extra materials or equipment I will need other than a brush a
surface and the emulsion?

Gelatine and hardeners for size, I assume you have trays and chemistry for
B&W work.


I ask these questions because I am in Kathmandu Nepal for one year and I am
trying to do an alternative presentation here of my photographs. I don't
have a lot of resources and it takes a very long time to order materials. A
head start would really help.

Thank you for any suggestions or valuable experiences with this product.

John Prokos
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