żliquid emulsions?

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Date: 02/15/04-11:16:52 AM Z
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Does anyone here have experience with Rockland Liquid Emulsions? I have not
experimented with it and had a few questionsŠ

Does the surface temperature you apply the emulsion to matter? I would
imagine it should be approximately the same as the emulsion if possible

How strongly does it adhere to the surface it is brushed onto? What if the
surface is not porous? Or is very porous?

Can I use a toner like Kodak Selenium Toner on the emulsion?

Are there any extra materials or equipment I will need other than a brush a
surface and the emulsion?


I ask these questions because I am in Kathmandu Nepal for one year and I am
trying to do an alternative presentation here of my photographs. I don't
have a lot of resources and it takes a very long time to order materials. A
head start would really help.

Thank you for any suggestions or valuable experiences with this product.

John Prokos
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