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John asked:

>Does anyone here have experience with Rockland Liquid Emulsions? I have not
>experimented with it and had a few questionsŠ
I use the SE-1 of Silverprint, but I think it is comparable in
respect of your questions.

>Does the surface temperature you apply the emulsion to matter? I would
>imagine it should be approximately the same as the emulsion if possible
Just put some hot water in a tray, cover it with p.e. a glas sheet,
and put the paper -or whatever- on it, so it will warm up a bit
before applying the emulsion. It is done to avoid that the emulsion
will dry too quick during the time you apply the emulsion on the

>How strongly does it adhere to the surface it is brushed onto? What if the
>surface is not porous? Or is very porous?
I use a foam brush and on paper it is no problem , but other surfaces
-like glas or alu- that'sr another story. If you have no experience
and/or not enough time or material, just stick to the 300grs
watercolor paper.
>Can I use a toner like Kodak Selenium Toner on the emulsion?
If your paper is ready for exposure, it can be treated like any other
photographic paper. Just do not forget that all the bathes you use
-development, stopbath, fixer, wash.....NEVER over 20 degrees Celsius.

>Are there any extra materials or equipment I will need other than a brush a
>surface and the emulsion?

>I ask these questions because I am in Kathmandu Nepal for one year and I am
>trying to do an alternative presentation here of my photographs. I don't
>have a lot of resources and it takes a very long time to order materials. A
>head start would really help.

Look for Judy's PF#9 .......

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