UV blocker in TMAX100 base?

From: sanking@clemson.edu
Date: 02/15/04-01:51:57 PM Z
Message-id: <a0602040abc557e4866ba@[]>

In testing TMAX 100 film I have come across a curious phenomenon. It
is the fact that when reading UV density with my densitometer (which
reads in a fairly narrow band around 373nm) there appears to be a
base UV blocker of a little more than log 1.0.

I am wondering if any on the list are currently using TMAX 100 for
alternative printing in which exposures are by UV light, and if so
have you noticed any difference in printing times between TMAX 100
and other films.

So far TMAX 100 is the only film I have tested that has this kind of
UV blocking in the base.

Sandy King
Received on Sun Feb 15 13:52:13 2004

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