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>In testing TMAX 100 film I have come across a curious phenomenon. It is
>the fact that when reading UV density with my densitometer (which reads in
>a fairly narrow band around 373nm) there appears to be a base UV blocker
>of a little more than log 1.0.
>I am wondering if any on the list are currently using TMAX 100 for
>alternative printing in which exposures are by UV light, and if so have
>you noticed any difference in printing times between TMAX 100 and other films.
>So far TMAX 100 is the only film I have tested that has this kind of UV
>blocking in the base.

Sandy, you are correct that T-Max appears to have a UV absorber in it.

I am currently teaching a course on 19th Century photographic process. A
graduate student noticed some interesting differences between different
negatives (T-Max and Ilford FP-4). I did some quick absorbance
measurements for some of the materials that students were printing using a
spectrophotometer. I have posted some of this data at
<>. As you can see, T-Max
absorbs UV from ~ 320-410 nm. There is a fairly narrow UV transmission
window at about 320 nm.

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