Re: UV blocker in TMAX100 base?

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Subject: UV blocker in TMAX100 base?

> In testing TMAX 100 film I have come across a curious
phenomenon. It
> is the fact that when reading UV density with my
densitometer (which
> reads in a fairly narrow band around 373nm) there appears
to be a
> base UV blocker of a little more than log 1.0.
> I am wondering if any on the list are currently using TMAX
100 for
> alternative printing in which exposures are by UV light,
and if so
> have you noticed any difference in printing times between
TMAX 100
> and other films.
> So far TMAX 100 is the only film I have tested that has
this kind of
> UV blocking in the base.
> Sandy King
  If there is a UV blocker I wonder if its in the support or
the overcoating. Its easy enough to tell, just use some
household bleach to remove the gelatin all together or just
scrape it off. A filter in the overcoating would make sense
photographically, I believe many current color films have a
UV filter in the top layer.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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