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On Tue, 10 Feb 2004, David J. Greiner Jr. wrote:
> Yes I meant the household ammonia. If I typed I was buying gallon
> jugs I actually meant to say half gallon, as that's what they seem to
> most often sell around here in the grocery stores and the like. That
> was until I found the little 16 oz. bottles in a corner/convienence type
> store. I talked to someone online in a chat room a couple of weeks ago
> who was using the .88 for casein. He would dilute it 1pt. to 20 pts
> water and it worked well for him. I'm curious, how much stronger does
> .88 smell than regular ammonia? Almost sounds strong enough to knock
> someone down! :)

Actually, I checked my bottle and it is indeed a half gallon -- it's not
something I use a lot, and what's left in the bottom is probably nearly
dead... but it's possible that the larger volume might keep better than
the 16 ounce (?) and it cost $1.29. Tho maybe decanting the newly opened
bottle into several smaller bottles then capping tightly would work?

As for the .88 smell -- yes, it's ferocious, in fact I'd call it *fumes*
rather than mere smell. I used it a lot when I was making the plating-out
toner. As I recall, a batch took only 25 cc. I'd set a small fan on the
counter to blow across the beaker aimed at the open door (the darkroom is
below grade without access to exterior & I have lived to tell the tale) --
then I'd take a deep breath, hold it as long as possible, & turn my head
away to take another... Which is to say, if your casein is working with
"regular" ammonia, you're ahead of the game. I'm going to try it,
especially since the proportions seem flexible.

There's also the fact that tho ammonia is IRRITATING, it's not, in such
small doses, dangerous or poisonous (no matter what the hazards books
say). In fact it used to be smelling salts for the weaker sex...

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