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Date: 02/10/04-07:06:44 PM Z
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Hello Judy,

   Yes I meant the household ammonia. If I typed I was buying gallon
jugs I actually meant to say half gallon, as that's what they seem to
most often sell around here in the grocery stores and the like. That
was until I found the little 16 oz. bottles in a corner/convienence type
store. I talked to someone online in a chat room a couple of weeks ago
who was using the .88 for casein. He would dilute it 1pt. to 20 pts
water and it worked well for him. I'm curious, how much stronger does
.88 smell than regular ammonia? Almost sounds strong enough to knock
someone down! :)


Judy Seigel wrote:

>Hi David,
>thanks very much.... I'm going to try yours first since I have the
>ingredients at hand... And I appreciate the full instructions...
>But one question: when you say "ammonia" I assume you mean household
>ammonia, about 5%, not the strong ammonia which if I recall correctly is
>called .88 or maybe it was .888 ? I have about 4 unopened bottles of that
>in the darkroom, which I'd be glad to use -- but otherwise am confused.
>I've never seen household ammonia in gallon sizes... usually a quart...
>and the thought of a gallon of that strong stuff is terrifying...
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