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You might try 'Blueprints-Printables", web site:
I have found that this company can supply blueprint (cyanotype) sensitized fabric, etc. at a price that is cheaper than you can do it yourself. As anyone who has ever tried to find the "right" cotton fabric and sensitized it with cyanotype knows, just look at the prices and and give thanks that someone is buying "in bulk" AND is using the traditional formula to make hugh pieces of cyanotype cloth.

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> Subject: sort of funny question...
> Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2004 12:28:06 -0500
> > I was in the Whitney Museum the other night in the gift shop and I
> > saw they had this art kit for kids to make “blue prints” that
> > develop in running water.
> I don't know about the particualr kit, but if you're more interested
> in buying pre-coated cyanotype paper, there were a couple of places I
> found when I checked last time. Since this is 2-3 years ago, I am not
> certain if the situation is still the same, but Dorn's Photography
> Unlimited sold 24x36 paper for $2/sheet for minimum order of 20 sheets
> plus tax and s&h.
> Dorn's Photography Unlimited
> C/O John Pecyna
> 23a Wallace street
> Red Bank , New Jersey
> 07710
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> there...
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