What about 1200x1200dpi laser printers for digital negatives?

From: Loris Medici ^lt;loris_medici@yahoo.com>
Date: 02/10/04-03:23:38 AM Z
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1) Do you think the resolution (and density) from 1200x1200dpi desktop
laser printers is adequate for making negatives that will print well to
say... cold press watercolor paper coated with Vandyke, Kallitype or
Salt Print emulsion? ("print well" means the halftone pattern shouldn't
be obvious from normal viewing distance)

2) Is the laser transparency media also transparent to UV light?

I currently use a 3rd party pigmented inkset (pricey inks which are
trouble to import from the States) and Pictorico (also pricey and again
a trouble to import from the States) and want to migrate a cheaper and
faster alternative...

Thanks in advance,
Loris Medici.
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