Re: Chrome Alum Gelatin hardener

From: Suzu Sn ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 02/10/04-03:35:42 AM Z
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You state that the formaldehyde bonds are easily broken by
weak acids and heat.

Nothing you have written here specficially addresses this.
I will reread the gelatin chapter but at this point, I do
not recall getting that interpretation from the

I am curious as to why you did.

Perhaps I skipped a line, a page or two?

In any case, I am more interested in direct proof rather
than inferences and conjecture. If the bonds are that
fragile, I think such will have been reported.

If not, then I do not see why you are knocking
formaldehyde on the basis of its cross links.


> > Where did you read that?

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